And away we go….the new home of the Price Is White Blog

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Dan Price White

The Price Is White Archives

Just so no one is alarmed, all of the post you loved from the old Price Is White Blog will still be available at the above link. Oh wait….no one reads this anymore? I haven’t written regularly in three years? What a waste of space I’ve  been, just holding down a full-time job as a sports information director in Kentucky.

But seriously, the full-time gig is great and I love the life I have right now, but everyone should always try to be as creative as possible and have hobbies outside the office. My passions include writing, media and working out.

Like a combination of super nerd and modest health freak. The slight pudginess I keep around my midsection reminds me of how much I love playing old NES games and spending hours travelling the landscape of Red Dead Redemption on XBox, while the modest muscles on my biceps assure me that I DO hit the gym.

To keep this short, I’m back, and vow to post something everyday, even if it’s just a cool MySpace self pic like this. Holla.


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