White Girl Raps Fast — What Up YouTube?

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Dan Price White

I was all over this video early, posting it to my Facebook, but now I am taking my thoughts on this to a more personal level, because over the past week I posted the No. 1 viral video on the internet with the Chase Spreen shot. Now, I had nothing to do with hitting the shot and didn’t make the call, but once my friends at Duo County and I edited it down, sent it out and posted it to youtube it took off. 1.2 million views as we speak, so I now know a little something about the viral video game.

So here is Bailee Moore from Cleveland, Ohio in the infancy of her rap career:

Which has led to this music video of which I am seeing too much dude and not enough Bailee.



But the underlying story here is  more people care about near full-court game winners than a viral-video rapper.

800,000 more views and Bailee will catch up to Spreen. Get Like Us Bailee! Holla.


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