Where I’ve Lived: A Price Is White Timeline

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Dan Price White

I’ve done my share of moving around in my life, so as a refresher and review to myself and in hopes I might have something funny to say, here is a timeline run down of residences:

1. Lawrenceburg, Ky. — Parent’s House — 1985-2003

Nothing bad to say about the only residence I was forced to live in, you know, by being born into it. I always had my own room, food on the table, video game system hooked up to the TV, basketball courts in the front and back yard through the years. It really was a boy’s dream growing up. I fixed up the basement in high school to become the ultimate hangout for my friends and I. Ryan Hahn and I spent every afternoon down there playing Final Fantasy 8 before basketball practice, followed by us starting a band with Miles Terry and Caleb Wells called Pierced Palms that we practiced with in that same basement.

2. Unitas Towers — Univ. of Louisville — 2003-2004

Oh boy, this is where I was introduced to drugs, sex and rock & roll, although none of it was from me. Sheltered in Church Youth Groups and Christian rock bands for my entire childhood I was suddenly in a world with no rules, lots of girls, lots of alcohol and plenty of Nintendo 64 sessions.

I made friends with drug users and dealers, stayed up all night with friends going through hard times, passed out twice and spent two days in the hospital and nearly died with a still to this day unprescribed illness, went to the off-track betting center with my RA and floormates a lot, pulled infinite pranks including throwing a dorm bed on the roof, shaving cream under the door, ducktaping a door shut, taping over the door lock so we could freely enter a room and pull someone off the top bunk……and somehow I think I went to class.

I was a fresh off the farm country boy when I arrived in Unitas, tanned from working under the sun that summer and shredded with muscle from building fences, taming cattle and loading tons of vegetables into trucks. I felt great those years at Unitas and will never forget the memories.

3. Sigma Phi Epsilon House — Univ. of Louisville — 2004-2006

Fraternity life that allowed me to move directly into the house my first semester as a brother. Still debatable whether that was a good idea, but the rent was too cheap to pass up and I have enough memories to fill up five books, of which basically none can be published here.

While the non-stop parties, constant conversations, crazy late night road trips were great, my favorite memories were the holidays at the house.  During winter break campus would be dead and I was working at a downtown coffee shop from 6 a.m. to noon every day.

Once off work all the guys still living at the house would meet up and we would gather in someone’s room and just watch Christmas movies and play video games all through the night. Something about being in that warm mansion, surrounded by close friends made the holidays so special at Sig Ep.

4. Campus Lane Apartments — Eastern Parkway, Louisville — 2006-2007

Nearing graduation it was time to get serious with life and get out of that frat house. So two of my frat brothers and I ventured over to Campus Lane, just outside of the UofL campus. This was my first real apartment and I splurged for the extra $30 to have the master suite with private bath. This place was pimp.

Only dynamic is the two guys I lived with and I were never really close at school, so it made hallway interactions, etc., pretty awkward. Don’t get me wrong, these were good guys and rent was always paid, it was probably my fault for not getting to know them better but a lot was going on as I was right in the middle of my internship with Louisville’s athletic department.

5. Living Room of Random House in Old Louisville — 2007-2007

When the lease ended at campus lane I was in quite a panic because to pay for my last semester of college I started work at UPS from midnight to 4 a.m. five nights a week, but suddenly I had nowhere to live. Luckily I was still working at the coffee shop during the day and had met a new guy we hired named Josh. We had a lot of similar interest and started going out with friends on the weekends, so when he heard about my situation he offered up the living room in his apartment inside one of the old mansions in Old Louisville.

This was a new low for me, but working two jobs, interning at UofL and going to class I had no other options, so I literally had a futon and a desktop computer set up in this living room that I shared with his cat. I feared for my life every night when I got home from UPS around 4:30 a.m. and would run to the house once I parked my car from the homeless people and crack heads roaming the streets.

One positive note: McDonald’s breakfast starting at 4 a.m. in Louisville so on the way home from UPS I would stop and SMASH 2 breakfast burritos, one sausage biscuit with jelly and a large sweet tea. EVERY. DA*N. NIGHT.

6. Kentucky Towers — Downtown Louisville — 2007-2008

Hallelujah the living room only lasted about two months when Josh had to move out and we decided to look for a place together.

I had the great idea to try Kentucky Towers, which were apartments inside what is the oldest hotel in the city. So we grabbed a tiny apartment in there in what looks like the shining with long, hotel hallways. A person literally died next door the first night we lived there.

But POSITIVE NOTE, the joint had a roof-top pool, just totally boss in every way. I started substitute teaching the day my UPS contract ended (I know, random) so when school ended at 3, Mr. White was straight pool side reading and swimming and laying out like a devastatingly poor Donald Trump.

Was also just a block from 4th street live and the YMCA where I would go ball every night. I could look straight down out my window onto 4th street live, which always felt baller. Despite feeling like the shining, this was probably my favorite place to live ever.

7. Josh’s Abandoned Parent’s House? — South End, Louisville — 2008-2008

Boom the lease ended at the tower and suddenly I once again needed a place to crash, but not for long, cause I knew I was going to land a job and couldn’t sign a lease. So bam, once again Josh comes through and offers me his parents house that they still owned on a huge hill in the South End of Louisville. Place was pretty scary, no air conditioning, no internet, no tv, just me, a radio, my futon and a tube TV with an XBox. Place was still decorated with his mom’s dolls and pictures of the family from when he was little. Ok, lets move on, this was another low point, but I am still thankful for the place.

8. Mineral Springs Avenue — North Providence, R.I. — 2008-09

Talk about a big life change. I got that job and it was with the BIG EAST Conference in Providence, R.I., so I got on Craigslist and found a studio apartment in North Providence for $850 a month. Drove my 2001 Ford Mustang the nearly 1,000 miles north into New England and started a year that took me all over the country for sports, including the BIG EAST Basketball Tournament in Madison Square Garden where I watched the 6 overtime game won by Syracuse first hand. Followed by Louisville winning its first BIG EAST title and riding a limo out of MSG into the bright lights of Times Square, ahhhh the life.

And this studio wasn’t half bad. It was one of those out of a movie where you can stand in the middle and simultaneously cook dinner, use the bathroom, relax in the living room and go to bed. It was as big as a nice walk-in closet, but what did I care, I was travelling around the country each month. And right across the street was a Dunkin Donuts, I LOVE Dunkin Donuts.

9. Burton House — Columbia, Ky. — 2009-10

After the BIG EAST I landed a gig at Lindsey Wilson College back in Kentucky and loaded up the Mustang and drove 1,000 miles south. My first year the college put me up in a old house on campus that was state of the art back in 1964. As it was when I moved in it was ready to be torn down. And that’s just what happened last year. Boom goes the dynamite.

10. The Duplex — Columbia, Ky. — 2010-11

Wrestling coach at Lindsey Wilson and I both stuck around for year two on the job and rented a nice duplex in a golf-course community. Great neighbors, dogs in the house, met future loves of our lives in that house, just a real Hallmark made for TV movie experience. Still there was tragedy, a great friend of mine which was also my roommate’s dog was what we think struck by a car one night.

I’ve taught myself not to get attached to an animal, but Kuna was a special spirit and also my dog Maybin’s best friend. He hasn’t been the same since she died. We always let them out to use the bathroom without a leash, so it really could have been either one of them at any time, but its the risk you take to not force them to be tied up at all times or locked in the house. Dogs always need room to roam.

11. Hardscratch House — Glens Fork, Ky. — 2011-12

And finally we have the humble abode out in the country in south central Kentucky. The coach from the duplex bought the house and I came out too to rent a room. It’s quiet, peaceful, near the lake and plenty of hiking trails and a great place to let the dogs roam. Just taking it day by day out here, just glad to not be on a futon in some random living room in the hood.


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