Being Hilarious on Twitter: A Lesson for Us All

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Dan Price White

Twitter is here, it’s current and it is taking over the social-media world of 16-25 (almost 27) year olds everywhere. And when I log on to see what the kids are tweeting about, I see about 90% boring, nobody cares stuff and 10% the funniest stuff I’ve ever read in my life.

Now I have a simple policy with social media, as long as it is not for your work or you own a business, you need to be funny 99.9% of the time. “I’m dreading going to class!!!!” is not funny, “I be loving when my grandma makes me eggos in the morning” is hilarious. Be hilarious.

So to prove my point I am going to log on Twitter and post back-to-back real tweets. The first will be lame and the second will be hilarious. I will change around some words so people aren’t like, “Hey, that’s my tweet PriceIsWhite.”

Lame: “I can’t wait to see the new Jim Carrey movie!”

Hilarious: “When someone sneezes in a movie theatre, I want to punch them in the face.”

Lame: “Can’t wait to fall asleep tonight”

Hilarious: “Couldn’t get my food at Subway because the sandwich artist was having a block.”

Lame: “I love how I feel when I take a shower.”

Hilarious: “I think I just figured out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.”

Lame: “My professor is sooooo boring.”

Hilarious: “A good way to mess with a bartender is to order a Diet Coke and then say in a brooding, tough voice: “Leave the bottle.”

Lame: “Niki Minaj is so deep with her lyrics.” (Well, thats sort of hilarious)

Hilarious: “BEAANNNNSSSSSSS for dinnerrrrr!”

So if your tweets tend to be more on the lame spectrum of this post, at least for me, take a day and just be flat out hilarious. I take notice of these things. I have like one or two people on my Twitter feed that I want to hire to write for this blog. Just straight fire tweets.

Oh, and follow me on Twitter: @PriceIsWhite


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