God Is Doing a New Thing…Must Watch Music Video

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Dan Price White

This is a great reason why I love being a Christian, it’s just so obvious that God has a sense of humor. The Lord has blessed me with so much laughter in my life, really a saving grace when times get hard or I think I’m having a rough week, God will just send a video like this into my life that lifts my spirits.

If God didn’t have a sense of humor then there is simply no way he would allow this kid to rock out on local public access television like this. And lets not forget God created YouTube too, if for no other reason that to show us that God is doing a new thing.

Lets look at this video:

0:04 — I don’t want the shirt the boy is wearing, I NEED the shirt he is wearing. “Jesus Is Lord” in a light purple pastel is basically what I wear all summer long. And this lady is killing this dress with the puffy shoulders and crazy lace around the chest. One thing she could clean up though is the makeup, just 500% too much makeup.

0:13 — BOOM! The beat, the siiiick beat. When this song first drops I’m literally rocking side to side and immediately my brother on the video starts doing my exact dance move.

0:24 — WhooooOOOOoooooOOOOOaaahhhhh, he did NOT just start with the skipping side to side. Is this kid 10 years ahead of the dance game? And the way he pronunciates “thing” is beautiful, I’m moved already.

0:26 — You already know what I’m talking about. Just plain sick with it.

0:45 — The point was spot on, it was half awkward and half the perfect move to draw in the audience and let them know you are no better than they are. It’s also the move I go with when I get awkward around people. If someone waves to me, I’ll just do this weird point, like “Hey youuuu”.

0:58 — DOUBLE SPINNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! Sure homeboy lost the song and got out of breath but lets see you do a fricken double spin and be able to keep up the beat.

1:01 — Gotta be stronger with the Jesus Christ parts. I’d say the most important man in the song and the kid just kind of goes 50% whenever J.C. comes up in the lyrics.

1:21 — “Peace in your heart, a new start” and just like that I’m drawn back in. Ever have one of those moments where your arm hair stands on end? I’m there.

1:30 – 1:45 — Hahhhhahahahhahahah

1:48 – 1:56 — Bahahahahahhaah “HIT ME!” hahahahaha

2:09 — Kind of just dawns on me that kid is singing like three different parts and dancing at the same time, so we should all give him a break. Just call and response all song lone, can this kid get a partner, just trying to do too much.

2:47 — I feel like over the past 15 seconds Michael has been a little too cocky. Sure, he killed this song, but have some humility bro, tone down the little half smiles and get back to perfection.

2:49 — Awkward.


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