Why Write a Blog, Why Create Something that Previously Didn’t Exist?

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Dan Price White

The Love of my Life: “So, I saw you’re writing a blog again, what made you want to do that?”

Me: “I don’t know, I really enjoy writing and I felt like I needed another outlet to be creative, not just writing stuff for work only.”

TLOML: “Oh, well that’s cool. You really think that will help for your resume?”

Me: Yeah, I plan on writing some longer pieces, maybe a few essays with my thoughts on experiences or feelings.”

TLOML: “That’s cool. But I have an idea, what if you wrote most things about other people or other ideas and news in the world? I just wonder, you know, do people really want to just read about you? There are so many blogs like that.”

Me: “………..”


Yes, sometimes you should listen to a significant other or friend when it comes to your personal ventures. She’s right, one great piece on a big news item or interesting story about an observation is better than 10 personal stories, because really, who am I?

I don’t have an ego and I don’t want to be remembered for making the big shot or acting in the big TV show, but I do want to be a person that puts the ideas into motion that might get someone else into that position.

I want to write, I want to create, I want to think. From those things I may never make a dollar and no more than five people may ever put eyes on it, but in the end I can look at it and say, “I did that” and before I did, it didn’t exist.

On Jan 5, 2012, the Price Is White Blog, in its current form did not exist. On Jan. 23, 10 people know it exist, but that is not the issue at hand. I don’t want to live a life where I have no original thoughts, because we all, as part of this world we live in, have something to say, no matter how important it is on the large scale.


Moving to Rhode Island for a year in 2008 provided my first real experience to create. While there for work I started an earlier version of this blog which dealt primarily on the premise of a young man from Kentucky being thrust in to New England life and my observations of that transition.

It was as fun to live as it was to write.

I found myself living without fear for the first time, not caring what someone might say. It was refreshing.

In college I would have never just gone out to a corner bar and struck up conversation with a stranger, but in North Providence, R.I., I made it a weekly habit.

There is a lot to learn sitting in a bar in the outskirts of Boston during a baseball postseason. Sharing thoughts on girls, religion and sports between innings and cheering every pitch opened my eyes that the world is bigger than Kentucky and Louisville basketball.

Then there were the weekend drives, that turned into many miles of walking in brand new towns to my eyes. Just observing. Take a seat on a towel on a beach with a notepad and just writing down some thoughts. I probably came up with dozens of TV show, book and movie ideas on those beaches.

Oh to be free. I could write about anything I saw, unfiltered, and the work was appreciated by my coworkers, new found friends and people back in Kentucky, alike.

Where I am now, the observations simply wouldn’t fly. Comment publicly on someone’s Christmas decorations, or what they were doing in Wal-Mart on a Friday night and that person will get word of your written words very quick.

Small towns aren’t the best for social commentary.

But small towns are good for clearing your mind. And here I am able to find peace much easier. A simple right-hand turn out of my house and I can take a country stroll not imaginable back in Rhode Island.

Not sure how those creative differences will translate to this new blog format. The pieces around bizarre news or a YouTube video won’t really matter, but I feel like my outlook on news stories or life in general may be different when I am so removed from big city lights and big city thinkers.


I want to be noticed for writing, but I fear as of now I don’t really have a voice. I want to keep up the look and feel of a sports nut know it all, but it’s simply not the case. I work around sports so much that I literally try to spend no time around it in my hours I can be creative.

Instead of SportsCenter, I listen to podcasts at home, play video games, watch a movie or a hit TV series. I like having opinions on those things. I love to read, fantasy, horror, social commentary, just give me a book. And I want to create my own one day.

And those things take time. And time, I do not have on a regular basis. But through some new time management techniques I can allow myself an hour each night to write, read, watch or play. And I’ll keep that up until the day I die.

This stuff isn’t easy. I think I like the “idea” of blogging right now more than sitting down and thinking out a long post or essay. But this post is a good exercise in opening my mind, as I continue to ramble and talk myself into the plan ahead.


And with this post I open up my mind, energy and focus to do something each day to improve myself. I’ve been blessed at a young age, working myself into jobs that I never thought were possible. At some point I need to sit back and realize I have talents. It’s just a terrible decision not to nurture those talents and take some risks.



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