30 Money Tips by Men’s Health, The Real Story — NEW BLOG POST!!

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Dan Price White

Nestled between Red Hot Sex Tips and Five Ways to Eliminate Job Stress on MensHealth.com I came across this article about 30 tips to increase your bank account. Some made sense, others were comical and what the article really needed was a Price Is White commentary blog to help the everyday nine to fivers understand what is legit in the tips and what is not.

DAY 1 The Challenge: Track Your Spending For the next month, here’s your assignment: Record where every cent goes. Save receipts, credit card slips, canceled checks, and write everything else down on a pad of paper. Or you can go all-digital with a site like mint.com that tracks every credit and debit card purchase. Whatever your preference, here’s the key: Let no donut go unrecorded. You’ll be surprised at just how much those $4 Dunkin’ runs add up. Often just seeing your spending pattern will point out ways to save.

Price Is White: Had to throw that low blow in there about Dunkin Donuts didn’t they? It’s like they knew its Price’s favorite establishment in the world or something. But first, this isn’t a bad tip, I actually record everything I spend each month on a paper budget that I keep in my pocket. I know just how much I can spend to still put away some money in savings each month. Pretty baller idea that I’ve been doing since college. Seriously though, who takes $4 Dunkin’ runs? My large iced coffee, milk, no sugar with pumpkin swirl costs like $2.20 and I get one maybe twice a month because I live in the middle of nowhere an hour from the nearest dunkin. I’ll have a total blog post about my coffee obsession soon, but just know that no matter how rich or poor I am, nothing will keep me from Dunkin Donuts.

DAY 4 The Challenge: Bulk Up Your Emergency Fund In this volatile economy, you should save at least 6 months’ worth of expenses in case you get laid off. To start, save much as you can once you’ve paid the bills, experts say. If you must insist on a number, start by putting 10 percent of your paycheck toward the emergency fund.

Price Is White: Little bit of a brag here, I’ve pulled this off. I have that six month emergency funds for expenses covered. But dear Lord above that would suck to get laid off and watch SIX MONTHS of savings just float away. My tip here would be to not get laid off and if you do immediately start ebaying your life away or hustling on the streets. Because literally the worst thing to do would be to sit back and watch six months of savings disappear.

DAY 7 The Challenge: Save Money on Your Gym Membership Before you fork down cash for a full month, ask if you can pay per visit. Gymgoers with monthly plans pay 70 percent more than those on pay-per-use plans based on usage, says Stefano DellaVigna, Ph.D., who studied more than 7,000 gym members over 3 years. Not sure where you fall? Use this formula: A. Write down the cost of a monthly plan B. Find out how much a single visit costs at your gym C. Estimate the number of days you plan to visit next month IF A / (C/2) > B Then use a pay-per-visit plan. If not, consider an annual plan for deeper savings—as long as you’ll actually go all year, of course. While You’re At It: Consider skipping the gym altogether. You can build a complete home gym with $1,000—which is about what you’d pay for a full year’s membership anyway. Here’s what you need: TRX Pro Pack $190, trxtraining.com Swiss exercise ball $40, theragear.com York adjustable bench $400, performbetter.com Perfect Pullup Basic Bar $20, perfectonline.com Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells $400, bowflexselecttech.com

Price Is White: Build your own gym at home for $1,000 because it’s about what you would spend on a gym for a year? How are we defining about, I mean I don’t know anyone on Earth who pays a grand a year to workout. Back before I trained for free in the gym at my school I was part of two YMCA’s that were about $250 for the year, and that was with classes included. So you might as well just stop at skip the gym altogether because A. Those at-home choices are going to break in about six months and B. What kind of social experience is doing a perfect pull up in your bedroom and bowflexing in your basement? I mean, 99% of the reason to go to the gym is to see hot chicks or, uhhh, hot dudes if you’re a chick. Good luck not staying single with your at-home exercise ball when you could be snagging the treadmill next to the hottie and acting like you’re all sweaty and stuff, but really you just splashed water on your face at the water fountain.



DAY 8 The Challenge: Clean Up Your Grooming Habits If you’re wasting your shower products, you’re—you guessed it—throwing money down the drain. Not just that, using too much is bad for your skin. Because of the way skin-care products are formulated, you’re doing more harm then good by slathering on lotion, says Manhattan dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D. Here’s how big your dollop should be. Gel: Penny Excess gel can aggravate your skin, leaving you prone to acne around your hairline. Shampoo: Nickel Squirting on too much shampoo causes flaking and itchiness because your hair is stripped of its natural oils. Conditioner: Dime Excess conditioner clogs hair follicles, creating product buildup and causing flat hair. Shaving cream: Half-dollar Lay it on too thick and you’ll require multiple passes of the razor, which irritates skin. Body wash: Quarter Use too much and you risk dry, itchy, irritated skin.

Price Is White: Good try Men’s Health but you’re starting to lose it. A quarter of body wash, might as well just sleep in a dumpster and come in to work the next day. Probably No. 3 on my top five hobbies list is washing the crap out of myself with a ton of shower gel in the morning. Just switching it up with different scents every few weeks. A little Old Spice Swagger, then Axe Cool Metal, followed by a little St. Ives for chicks cause that’s cool too. A quarter, try a gallon if your me. A dime of conditioner. Dudes use conditioner? But even if they do, I’m not sure a dime of anything gets the job done. Ranking Shower Gels: 1. Oak by Bath and Body Works, 2. Old Spice Fiji, 3. Old Spice Swagger, 4. St. Ives Whipped fricken silk, 5. Anything by Dove




DAY 21 The Challenge: Think of a Killer Concept for Your Blog It’s not always easy to make supplemental income these days, but if you have a blog, you have a chance to make some extra (and easy) cash. But here’s the catch: You need a conceit that will attract advertisers, preferably one makes people laugh and involves them in some way. Why It’ll Work: Advertisers love concepts that go viral—so your best bet is to skew funny. You don’t need to post every day to maintain a following, either. Instead, you can create an entry with links to other sites that may return the favor. Once you build up a million uniques, you can pitch advertisers directly. And when promoting your blog through social media, don’t just shout, “New blog post!” Instead, encourage clicks with teaser heads, like, “You’ve got to see this!” While You’re At It: Once you have a core audience, you can start marketing T-shirts or mugs with funny images or phrases that come from your blog. Price Is White: Finally! A tip for financial freedom that makes sense.

Price Is White: T-Shirts and Mugs. Probably going on sale in like a week. Any I only need a simple idea that will generate a million unique visitors so I can contact advertisers directly. This is so simple! You don’t need to post every day to maintain a following? Thank God. Who has time for all that jazz, I mean, I work over 80 hours a week, raise a dog, keep myself fit and am in an incredible relationship, so this blog isn’t going to write itself each day. But thankfully, you don’t need to have daily posts to earn respect. And if I want to skew funny, then announcing on Facebook and Twitter about a : NEW BLOG POST!! Is pretty hilarious. YOU’VE GOT TO SEE THIS sounds like an email scam or tabloid cover. Price Is White is better than that. But I’m all in with finding a conceit since so many Men’s Health.com readers know what that means. How about original idea, or witty premise or just something straight up funny that you cant get anywhere else. I will find this on the PriceIsWhite and we WILL be selling some coffee mugs soon.

DAY 25 The Challenge: Resist the Urge to Buy Something When You’re Feeling Depressed Why It’ll Work: Shopping to make yourself feel better is often called ‘retail therapy,’ says psychiatrist Lorrin Koran, M.D., director of the obsessive-compulsive disorder clinic at Stanford University medical center. “The problem is, retail therapy doesn’t work. Most of the people we see in our studies say that as soon as they get home with the item, the depression, anxiety, or sadness they’re trying to alleviate returns, often worse than before.” While You’re At It: Try exercising instead. Research shows that regular visits to the weight room can lift your spirits. To find out more about how weights combat the blues, read: Curl Away Depression.

Price Is White: Ehhhhhhhhh (that’s a buzzer sound) WRONGGGGG. I while back I was feeling down and worthless so I went out and bought Madden 12, Fifa 12 and Halo at the same time. Came home, turned on the X Box, got online, put some headphones on and I felt fricken GREAT. As soon as I got home with the items, my depression disappeared and my only anxiety was then I went to work and couldn’t play anymore. Now if you want to prolong depression, try going to the gym and lifting and looking around seeing guys lift way more than you that look like little miniature He Men. Talk about an anxiety attack when you drop the bar on your chest trying to impress the cute little blonde on the ab machine.





DAY 27 The Challenge: Try to Appear Taller The link between taller people and higher income levels has been well established. If you’re unlikely to grow any more, try faking it. Why It’ll Work: Researchers at the University of Florida and the University of North Caroline have found that the vertically-gifted can make an extra $800 an inch every year. Stand when your boss is sitting (especially when you’re talking); wear a long, thin, pointy tie that falls below your belt line; and raise your office chair when you have guests, says Marc Salem, Men’s Health’s mental manipulator. While You’re At It: Wear low-collared shirts. The more of your neck people see, the taller you’ll seem.

Price Is White: What the Hell? Am I an idiot for subscribing to this madness or does Men’s Health know something I don’t? If I can somehow grow two inches before the summer I could have my salary upped by $1,600? This is incredible. And how about these taller tips: Stand when your boss sits, what a power move. Wear a long, pointy tie that sits below your belt? STUPID. Everyone knows to wear your tie shorter to look taller. The fact that your tie hangs down past your belt it the most obvious sign you’re a midget. Raise yout office chair when you have guests….hahahahahhaa, “here comes Stan from HR, time to hit the hydraulic pump and earn me some dollas. The more neck, the taller you seem? I’m out on this one.





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