Pimp a Podcast: The Legacy Music Hour

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Dan Price White


From time to time I will bring to you one of my favorite podcasts on the internet, fully endorsed by The Price Is White. I spend my entire day with podcasts and one day plan to have my own that will be listened to by few but enjoyed by many….Think about that for a second…now stop.

Up first is The Legacy Music Hour, in which you will need to be both video-game nerd and music nerd, as this cast deals only with music from video games during the 8-big and 16-bit era (think NES, SNES, Sega).

The hosts delve deep into some well known classics and also bring to light some rare titles. Each episode is around an hour long and is bases off a certain them, i.e. water, fire, sports, brands, platformers, shooters, etc., so if you are a gamer, you are more than likely to find a few shows that interest you.

It is presented in a BBC type format where each of the two hosts trade playing songs back and forth and then they describe the composers, parts they like and talk about the game. I recently listened to the water episode featuring TMNT part one for NES where in Level 2 you swim the turtles through a maze of electrified coral and it is the hardest level in gaming history.

So take my word for it and check out the Legacy Music Hour.

The show is available for download at the above link or you can search for it on iTunes and download directly to your iPhone or iPod. Enjoy.


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