My Top-Five TV Shows That I Sort Of Forgot About

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Dan Price White

One of my hobbies is just googling stuff and surprising myself, and I did it again tonight by finding some old TV show intros from my childhood. So I thought I’d share my top five and a few words on each one.

1. Dinosaurs

This was a pretty bold attempt in the 90’s by making a full family sitcome out of full-size dinosaur creations, which I’m guessing were manned by one or two people doing the moving around with voice actors adding the sounds after production. Regardless, it was a very popular show for a while. I remember buying a doll of the little pink baby who said “I’m the baby, gotta love me.” Everybody dropping that line like it was hot on the playground in the mid 90’s.

2.  Heathcliff

I don’t remember a lot about this show other than the opening theme song was straight fire almost so good that I think it made me think whatever followed in the show was great. Really just a knockoff Garfield with a fat orange cat that plays pranks on people and other animals. Straight fire flames theme song though.

3. Fred Penner’s Place

Freaken Fred Penner just jogging around in nature and crawling through hollow logs in his sweat pants. I actually was down with Fred Penner as a little kid, but my older sister would make immature jokes dealing with his “Penner” and the sweatpants and now looking back, Fred’s Place makes me pretty uncomfortable. The show was great though, just you and Fred out in the middle of a forest singing songs and exploring….wait a minute….never mind Fred Penner was cool, alright!

4. Under the Umbrella Tree

Alright, hold the presses here, but Under the Umbrella Tree was straight fire flammmmmmes as a kid. I seriously had forgotten all about it and it was a suggested video and I literally wigged out in my living room. Plus, hey Holly, holla at me sometime, dime piece for a kids show. Basically these little puppets would have some issue to be used as a lesson for kids and they would talk it out with Holly under that tree that was in the living room for some reason. The rat girl was a little weird as a kid.

5. Hey Dude

Hey Dude literally taught me how to be a man growing up. You had to be Ted funny guy who could melt hearts and date Brad (a got brunnette) and date Melody (Christian Taylor, aka Ben Stiller’s wife). I mean this show had way too many hot girls during a confusing time of my life. I was starting to see the benefits of being around a hot girl and this was a sensory overload. Then there was that native american dude Danny, I never trusted Danny and I don’t know why.


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