What I Would Buy Myself for My Birthday – Top 5

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Dan Price White


If my 27th birthday was on Feb. 25 these

are the top-five gifts I would buy myself:
1. Rockin Kats for NES in Complete Box









My favorite game on my favorite video-game system which I happen to not own a copy of. And what is that? This amazon listing has the game with the complete original box? I need this like I need iced coffee every morning.

2. Salute Your Shorts DVD with Donkeylips Autograph











Well played internet, well played. Salute Your Shorts is one of the finest shows to grace Nickelodeon when it was a worthy channel. Anybody around my age will understand the importance of getting this item. First, I didn’t know this dvd existed, sedond, it’s autographed by Michael Bowers. Donkeylips himself. If Bobby Budnik was on it I’d pay a grand, but for this I’ll take the but it now price of 20 bucks. Oh yea, Dina was the hottest chick on cable back in the day.

3. Nickelodeon Guts for Super Nintendo in Box








Yes, Nickeldeon is a trend in my gift ideas, but just know, I was raised by my folks 91% and Nickelodeon 9%, there was nothing else. When I needed a friend, Guts was there, even that abomination Global Guts where the Americans would always get killed. If I can’t have a piece of the original Agro Craig, then this complete in box SNES Guts video game will do. You see that basketball game on the cover? All I ever wanted growing up was one shot at the basketball bungee game. I would have dominated.

4. Regular  Nintendo Top Loading







Sure I have an original NES, but I don’t have the rare top-loading edition. Nintendo released this jewel late in the system’s life cycle in an attempt to fix the problems with the clam-shell type which I own that requires a lot of blowing and pushing. I’m sick and tired of blowing all my NES games, so I need this top loader so bad I can taste it. Dog bone controller and all.

5. Bea Arthur Autographed 8X10











And once again, the internet for the win. No better sitcom growing up than Golden Girls. Spent every lunch period at U of L in college eating a footlong subway watching the girls on the 27 inch tube TV. My favorite character is the underrated Dorothy played by Bea Arthur. Little known fact, Sophia, Dorothy’s mom on the show, was actually a year younger in real life and heavily made up to look elderly. Sadly Bea died not long ago, but she left this signed 8X10 for somebody to buy for me.

I really wish my birthday was on Feb, 25.


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