Crying My Eyes Out Right Now, Selena Gomez and Progeria

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Dan Price White






So, 98% of the time I’m a pretty sarcastic guy, just making light of life and not letting too many things get me too up or down.

But all laughing moments aside, for whatever reason I developed a heavy heart for children diagnosed with progeria. It’s a very rare disease that accelerates aging and might be the saddest condition I’ve ever seen.

You’ve likely seen these children on TLC or other specials on TV. It’s amazing how positive they seem, but as you know, you don’t get to see the parts where they are going in for painful treatments and dealing with the reality that death is imminent.

So needless to say, when I came across this story and video of Hana Hwang, a progeria patient with a love for Selena Gomez who got a surprise visit from the teen superstar I got a little emotional.

Selena, as many followers of this blog know, is likely my top pick ever for celeb hotties. Strange because her look is so not in my wheelhouse. Maybe it’s the Bieber relationship. Who knows.

But hey, Selena had a lot of other stuff she could be doing, like shopping, hanging with Biebs, earning millions, but she found time to brighten Hana’s day and brighten mine along the way.

I might be more in love with Gomez right now than ever before. And look at little Hana brighten up when mentioning her hero, just making a bracelet with swag for days.

This whole story takes me back to the video below of Josiah Vierra from ESPN’s E60 program. Josiah is a progeria patient as well who had a love for the game of baseball and got an opportunity to play in his local little league.

The whole video with the interviews and the grandma talking about how he asks what Heaven will be like got my crying more than ever before. And to make matters worse, I was watching it during lunch break at work.

So I closed the door and acted like I was on the phone for about an hour to get myself back together. I mean, I can watch it right now and it’s water works all over again.

So sorry to get so emotional on the Price Is White, but progeria is my thing and I will promote the disease all day everyday to shed some light on it and pray one day doctors find a way to make the disease easier on these kids.

And seriously, don’t watch the video below unless you want to cry like you’ve never cried before. Especially if you are a sports person and understand what it feels like to be out there on the field or court doing what you love.



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