YouTube Video Recap – Latino 3 Wooden Crosses – Randy Travis

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Dan Price White

Randy Travis got in a little trouble recently with public intoxication outside a church in Texas, which got me thinking about how great of an artist Randy is. One of the best and most confusing songs is “Three Wooden Crosses” about a farmer and a preacher and a teacher and a bus driver being in a horrible crash.

Somehow only three wooden crosses make it next to the highway, leaving me more confused about a message behind a song than ever.

THEN, I stumble upon this video below. Basically a Latino interpretation of the song which I have gone back and forth on 20 times. Is it a joke or is it serious?

I mean, the youtube channel seems like a serious one and people are commenting about how inspirational it is, so I’m thinking this is not a parody, but straight up what these people thought would be the right thing to do.

So without further ado, I present the Price Is White YouTube Video Recap:

0:08 – Let me remind you that this is indeed supposed to be taken seriously.

0:13 – 0:19 – How convenient, the teacher is reading a textbook, preacher reading the Bible and the hooker is dressed like a street walker. Picture has been painted.

0:23 – The midnight bus is being driven in the middle of the day.

0:36 – All jokes aside, Randy’s line about the hooker and the preacher both searching for lost souls is nothing short of genius, always loved that part.

0:38 – 0:48 – You have to be kidding me here. The acting by the bus driver, the image of the busses piled up. Are you SURE this is serious?

1:00 – And here we go with the three wooden crosses thing and life being about what you leave behind. Is the hooker not in Heaven? The Bus Driver? The Farmer?

1:57 – My man is selling it on the right side of the highway.

2:08 – Just turned straight up open casket all of the sudden.

2:35 – That is NOT the preacher from the wreck, so how did he have the blood stained Bible? And then why did he give a Bible like that to Randy Travis’ mom?

2:54 – “Now I guess we know” WE DO? I still don’t know. I mean, I think I have some smart readers out there. Anybody. Randy himself, explain this song to me.

3:17 – Have to fade it out with a couple of ladies getting their afternoon walk in down the highway.

  1. Steve Rose says:

    The hooker lived – the 3 crosses are for the farmer, teacher and preacher. The preacher gave the bible to the hooker, who apparently changed her life and read the bible to her son, who ended up being a preacher. The preacher “left behind” his bible, and so instead of taking something to heaven he left it behind, and that’s more important.

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