Top 5 Things That Were Cool When I Was In College

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Dan Price White

I feel like college life has passed me by. No way I survive the current landscape. Just being subtweeted or youtubed or Instagrammed at all times. But when I attended college from 2003-2007, it was a simpler life, but still a blast. We were mesmerized that you could stream JoJo music videos on and looked up to the rich kids with iPod Nanos in the gym.

For a tribute to my yesteryear, here are five things that were cool when I was in college that aren’t that cool now.

1. Facebook

Talk about a gamechanger, making the leap from setting your top eight and profile song on MySpace to the ultimate stalking device ever created. In its humble beginnings you had to have a college email address and only a select few colleges had access. Now everyone’s mom, dad and aunt are “liking” the statuses you post and browsing photo galleries from spring break, just not a good look at all. In the beginning, the number one move was to get your online syllabus and find the names of all the pretty girls in your classes, then stay up till 2 a.m. poking them and checking relationship statuses.

2. Music Videos

Life in the dorm freshman year was literally all about waiting for Britney Spears’ next music video. These things were masterpieces, true works of art that brought 15 18-year old men into a single room to watch a 17 inch screen. The Toxic video absolutely changed the game, JoJo, Ashlee Simpson and Hilary Duff would come one strong behind her, but there was only one Britney. Although Duff’s let the rain fall down video was hot fire.

3. Nintendo 64

If you weren’t playing Mario Kart 64 back in college, then I didn’t know you. Too many fistfights to count were started with Mario Kart Battlemode. You had one kart, three balloons and unlimited amounts of fun. Granted I’ve kept up with the times, but these kids playing Halo and Call of Duty have no idea what they’re missing.

4. New Balance

This isn’t New Balance as a whole, they still make a nice running shoe, this is specifically those grey and white casual shoes that literally every guy at my college had in 2004. If you didn’t have those shoes, Abercrombie jeans and an Abercrombie blue button up on, then there was no chance a girl would dance with you at the frat party that night.

5. AIM Instant Messenger

Literally any luck I had with girls in college came down to my game on AIM Instant Messenger. Just lol’ing, rotfl’ing my way to dates. First you had to meet a girl in real life that liked you, then you got her AIM screenname and the rest was a done deal. Probably the worst thing to ever happen was when they created that setting where you could be online, but others couldn’t see you. How you gonna work like that AngelEyez84?


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