Top Five Artists You Probably Aren’t Listening To

Posted: December 16, 2012 in Dan Price White

1. Sucré
Stumbled upon this trio made up of Stacy King, Darren King and Jeremy Larson while listening to some songs on YouTube by Eisley. Eisley’s talent has stood out to me for nearly ten years, so when Stacy, one of the lead singers, married King from the band Mutemath, they eventually put together this side project named Sucré.
There is an ethereal quality to their sound. I think the album’s sound can mainly be linked to Darren King, who if you’ve listened to Mutemath, is a percussion master and just has an unreal quality to find what a song needs. Add Stacy’s voice and it’s songs you can listen to over and over.

2. Pinback

I enjoy a band that finds a sound that works for them and sticks with it, blending each song out of successful sections. With Pinback you quickly find that theme. Their songs seem to make a soundtrack for your life and somehow fit in with whatever you’re going through on a given day. I’ve been listening to these guys for years while driving or at my desk at work, makes about any task enjoyable.

3. Robert Randolph and the Family Band

Robert Randolph is hopefully known to more people than the previous two acts, he’s developed quite a cult following since the early 2000’s. But in case you haven’t heard his stuff and you enjoy positivity and happiness, then you should give him a try. Saw the group live in Boston one weekend and it is to this day my favorite live show I’ve been to. Try “Going in the Right Direction” to get started.

4. Mutemath

This is probable the most well known act on the list, but it could be more for the unique music videos than their songs. Give these guys a serious listen one night and you’ll see how  talented they are.

5. Merriment

Not a  big body of work for this duo yet, but the one album of songs they have is a good listen. There is another Eisley connection here as the brother and sister duo that makes up Merriment is the younger siblings of Eisley and the singer from the Sucré video.


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