Top Five TV Shows to Pique My Interest

Posted: February 3, 2013 in Dan Price White

Netflix streaming may be the best invention in history for people who work irregular schedules. Sure, in college I was a lock to eat my daily Subway sandwich from the UofL commons in my dorm at Noon with Golden Girls on the tube, but now, in adult world, it’s not that easy.

A typical day could be office work from 8-4:30, work on a video project till 5:30, then work two basketball games till midnight. In other words, no live TV. So enter Netflix, streamed through my PS3 to the flat screen where I can watch commercial free full seasons of TV shows one, two or nine episodes at a time.

My discovery is that there has been a lot of good stuff sent to households instead of the movie theatre, I would argue even better than movies. Here are five shows, mostly watched on Netflix, that have changed my life.


1. Lost

I’ll admit it, when Lost was running in its regular schedule on Fox, I was one of those haters making fun of people who sat down for it each week. I mean, this was the first show I could remember where people flipped out for it in the real world and online. Lost inspired websites, blogs, podcasts and more. So once Netflix added every season, I decided to watch the pilot.

Then over the next month I proceeded to watch the series in its entirety. Jack vs. Sawyer, seeing The Others for the first time, time travel, the finale, it’s all engrained in my brain forever. This is one I could see myself rewatching down the road.


2. The Office

The Office is hands down the funniest show on television. I judge comedy based off how many times I laugh out loud when I am by myself and this show takes the cake. Steve Carell as Michael Scott carried the show and brought most of the big laughs. In the later episodes, I love what Ellie Kemper does with Erin, her quirky sense of humor just fits in a great way. Also, you can’t really beat some of Kevin’s best moments.


3.      Dance Moms

Dance Moms was not a Netflix watch, I literally made an effort to watch it in real time. Really can’t stand Abby Lee Miller. Hate that she’s from Pittsburgh but thinks she’s so awesome and Hollywood. Sure, she started the dance academy when she was 14, but who cares about work ethic when you live life hating on nine year olds.

Now, the best mom is Melissa. Just a real rags to riches story, worked the front desk at the studio, then happened to bring along the two most talented daughters, Maddie and Mackenzie. The two people that can go on somewhere are Christi and her daughter Chloe. Chloe thinks she is too hot to trot, but I know the power of Maddie, and even Kelly’s daughter Brooke is better.

Moving on.


4. Parks and Recreation

Talk about not giving a show its fair shake. I watched the pilot in real time before Netflix and didn’t care for it at all. But then I jumped back in on Netflix and almost laughed audibly as many times as with The Office. Ron Swanson and Azis Ansari’s character bring the house down every scene.


5. The Walking Dead

I know it’s super trendy right now to say you love The Walking Dead, but let’s face it, this show is sick. Too many tense moments to count where you can’t hardly look at the screen. The acting is superb and the chick that plays Maggie is really hot. Love these shows where the writing is good and you’re constantly thinking how it’s all going to end.


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