I’m Worried for the Kids

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Dan Price White

When you look at the big picture, being 28 years old is really still a kid. I mean, I can’t even think about retirement for about 35 more years, seven longer than I’ve lived.

But still, I think at 28 you can start to have opinions and thoughts geared to how life will be different for the generations of children behind you.

My worries have nothing to do with politics or religion, but more to do with life experiences. Here are a few of the examples I’ve been kicking around in my head.

Will kids that leave home and go off to college get to experience making coffee the old-fashioned way and figure out how much grounds to put in the filter with how much water, or will they just put a tiny plastic cup in a machine and press a button every morning.

How special where these trips to Toys-R-Us to buy a video game when I was seven or eight? You only knew games by the ads in comic books or on Nickelodeon and had to look for a voucher in a little sleeve to see if the store had Double Dragon in stock or not. You then took that voucher to the front of the store where a clerk fetched it from a glass room. Does simply downloading the latest title from the Playstation Online Store have the same appeal?

And on that subject, video games of today are sort of a joke. Kids will never again play Contra on the NES where lives mattered and you were lucky to play 10 minutes before starting over from the beginning. Recently I played through Red Dead Redemption on X Box, and guess what happens when you die? Nothing. You just come back to life, maybe in a different location, but still in the same place in the game. What kind of experience is that?

I also don’t want to think about what life will be like going through school with social media. Probably from 1st grade on kids will be posting Instagram photos from recess competing for likes. I luckily dodged all of that business until around my sophomore year of college when Facebook came out at Louisville. Then it was a useful tool to look up the girls from your class syllabus, but now it’s a way to look at wedding and baby albums.

I’m just saying if I was a kid today, I’m not sure there’s any way I’d read a book, blow into a video game system to get it to work, walk to a video rental store when a Redbox is at McDonalds or ever buy a CD from a record store with Pandora and Spotify available.

Everything we have now is instant, every bit of knowledge and information we have is literally in our pockets thanks to iPhones. Is all of this good or bad, I’m not sure. 


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