About Price Is White

What is the Price Is White? For starters, the name really has nothing to do with the blog. My name is Dan Price White and at some point in college my friends started calling me the Price Is White, in reference to how close my name sounds to the TV show “The Price is Right”. Some people have asked if it means I’m a racist, ect., but in reality there is no hidden meaning behind the name. It’s just a brand and I think it’s sort of funny.

But about ME you ask?

No one likes a long read here, so in quick summation, I am employed in collegiate athletics working as a sports information director at a small college in Kentucky. I’ve previously held spots working for the BIG EAST Conference in Providence, R.I., and was a student assistant in the University of Louisville Sports Info. Department for roughly five years. So while I’m relatively young I’ve been in this SID game for a pretty long time. Along the way I’ve volunteered for the NBA, MLS, ESPN, yada yada yada.

But what those places didm’t know if that I am a huge nerd.

We’re talking waking up early on weekends and strolling seedy Flea Markets looking for vintage video games (NES, SNES, N64), playing season after season of all sports games, watching DVDs or now, Netflix, hitting up a movie theatre by myself, working through classic RPG’s on the Playstation, writing my own scripts for comedy TV shows, blogging, social commentating, being the self-descirbed expert of the internet and obsessing over coffee, tea and any other brewed beverage I guess you could say.

While that’s a short list of my hobbies, I am also an avid health nut and really into physical fitness and for some reason fashion, grooming and just life advice. So to supplement those interest I keep a subscription to Men’s Health and Esquire around the house. I need those quick reads because with work I have very little time to dive much deeper. But I still find time for the gym everyday and take the extra time to moisurize in the morning and every night.

This blog could contain anything on any given day and everything will be my opinion, good or bad. Hope you enjoy it.


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